DIY Valentine’s Day Decor To Make At Home

Hi everyone!

Yesterday, I wanted to decorate for Valentine’s Day but had no decorations, and stores weren’t open because we’re in lockdown here, so I created some myself

I thought there must be some of you guys in the same situation so I’d thought I’d share how I created my decorations!

These decorations are created with things you have in the house so it’s super easy and cheap!

Easy DIY Valentine’s Day Decor To Make In Quarantine

Step 1: Turn Christmas tree into a Valentine’s tree

I still have my Christmas tree up (without the ornaments) so I turned it into a Valentine’s Day tree easily by creating red hearts out of construction paper and placing them on the tree. I folded the construction paper a few times and then cut the hearts to create many at once.

So, if you’re like me and still have your Christmas tree up, turn it into a Valentine’s Day tree. Create hearts out of red or pink construction paper and watch your tree quickly transform 🙂

Step 2: Create a frame for your wall

I then created 2 DIY Valentine’s frames to bring it all together

To create the frame, print a pretty Valentines picture and then stick the picture on any piece of scrapbook/pretty/construction paper you have to create a make shift frame.

I made 2 as you can see in the picture.

These are the photos I printed and I’m including some extra ones so you guys can have some options! I found them all on Pinterest and saved them in my “Fashion Illustrations” board, you can see it below

See my Fashion Illustration board for more…

I hope you guys enjoyed this DIY, I know it’s different from what I normally post, but I wanted to share in spirit of Valentine’s Day, I know a lot of you are in the same boat as me 🙂

Send me your Valentines decor on Pinterest or Instagram!

Love always,

Annabel xoxo

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